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Goal Setting To A Better Life In 2020

Goal Setting

Goal setting is not just about setting a goal. It is also about keeping the goal in mind, doing all you can to reach it, and developing the strategies to reach it. There are two types of goal setting: psychological and strategic. Psychological goal setting is about discovering what motivates your personal desire and performing research to help you understand the state of your mind. It is often about personal growth, problem solving, or improving yourself through […]

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15 Things You Don’t Have Time for When Pursuing Big Goals

15 Things You Don't Have Time for When Pursuing Big Goals

Big goals require commitment and focus. You don’t have time for the things that people with mediocre results spend their time on. There are things you have to be willing to give up. Fortunately, if you’re truly committed, these things are easy to avoid. However, they can be great distractions if your commitment is lacking. Setting goals that excite you is tremendously helpful. Be prepared to give up a few things if you want to accomplish big […]

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