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A Parent’s Guide to Parallel Play

A Parent's Guide to Parallel Play

Are you concerned about the way your toddler plays? They sit next to other kids with their blocks or trucks, but you don’t see them making much effort to interact. If so, you can relax. This is a natural and important stage of development called parallel play. In fact, it’s one of six stages of play that occur as a child moves from solitary play to cooperative play with coordinated activities, communication, and rules. Each child is […]

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A Parent’s Guide to Pacifiers

A Parent's Guide to Pacifiers

Many parents wonder if it’s okay to use a pacifier when their baby is crying and fussing. Most experts agree that they’re safe and effective as long as you follow simple safety rules and wean your child off them at an appropriate stage. In fact, pacifiers appeal to a baby’s natural urge to suck as a way to get nourishment and soothe themselves. Some research even suggests that they can have important health benefits, including reducing the […]

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