Need to keep Stress away?

Stress Management Meditation

Stress can wreak havoc on many aspects of our lives. This requires the need for stress management techniques in our life to effectively deal with stress and live in harmony.

What does stress do to you?

When our mind identifies a situation as stressful, our body releases adrenaline. While adrenaline is normal during certain situations that require attention and focus, in regular day-to-day life it can deplete our body’s resources. For example, if your stress is prolonged, you would start to feel more lethargic and experience shortness of breath and constant racing thoughts. Prolonged stress can cause long term impacts such as heart diseases, anxiety disorders, depression, and memory difficulties. Hence, it is imperative to identify and manage stress.

What does stress management involve?

Stress management involves a few basic steps that ensure that your body, mind, and emotions are in alignment and can function properly. Identifying the stressor is the first step you can take to understand the reasons behind your state of mind. Once you identify the causes, you can begin to make meaning of It. Meaning-making can help you in understanding more about yourself and the world in a better way. Lastly, you can take constructive measures to respond to stress in a healthy manner.

The key is to understand that you cannot completely suppress stress response as it is a functioning of the body. Alternatively, you cannot eliminate nor avoid stressors. Thus, learning to deal with stress healthily is integral for effective and long- term stress management.

Stress management techniques you can try:


One of the most effective stress management techniques, meditation must be incorporated into your daily life.
This is a habit inculcated by the most successful leaders such as Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Bill Gates. It is the best way to balance one’s thoughts and slow down the racing mind.
You can start to meditate every day for at least 10-15 minutes in a peaceful area. Meditation gives you the time to breathe properly, slow down and become aware of the pattern of your thoughts, and let go of anything that worries you. Thus, meditation is a perfect way to manage stress and embrace life.

Beginner tips

You can start with white noise, meditation music, or guided meditations to begin your journey.
Allow all thoughts to pass your mind and do not attempt to stop any of them as it’s a natural part of meditation. Just acknowledge your thoughts coming in and try to let them go by not getting involved and develop any stories in your head.
In the beginning, it’s always helpful to observe your breath. The quieter the breath is, the calmer the mind becomes.
You can use binaural beats while meditating based on your needs (sleep, relax, concentration, etc.).
Perform your meditation early morning to begin your day on a peaceful and balanced note. Choosing the same time for your meditations will help you create a more successful habit.
Ideally, create a special spot for your practice in your house or apartment.

Some other stress management techniques that you can try are:

– Journal writing to pen down your thoughts and securely express yourself;
– Performing tai-chi which also can relax your mind and body while being active;
– Exercise or yoga to release endorphins that relax your body;
– Take some time out to walk in Nature;
– Detox YourSelf from all the gadgets.

Hence, stress is a natural part of life but it has to be identified and managed appropriately for a healthy lifestyle. Meditation is an effective stress management technique that you can add to your life.

Now you can enjoy a stress-free and healthy life!

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